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  Apartment for 4 persons
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Holidays in Njivice, Croatia

 NJIVICE, a small town and harbour at the western coast of the island of Krk, situated in the cove Beli Kamik. The harbour is enclosed by a breakwater; the anchorage ground Beli Kamik is protected from the bora and the sirocco, but exposed to the winds from the third and fourth quadrants. Smaller vessels anchor in front of the coast, north of the town (depth 10-12 m), and larger vessels north and west of the town (depth 30-40 m). Chief occupations are farming, fishing and tourism. Njivice is located on the local road, a branch road of the regional road running through the island.

In the place, which was first mentioned in the 15th century, the ruins of Roman architecture were found near the sea.

Informationen von: Leksikografski zavod "Miroslav Krleža"

 Characteristics from our apartments: distance from the city center is approx. 500 m, from the sea approx. 300 m, the post office is approx. 500 m. and market is also approx. 500 m away. Parking on the yard in front of the house. Possibility to grill - barbecue. All the apartments have TV and satelite and a balcony. All balconys have a sea view.


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